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Advanced Email Parser Server

Advanced Email Parser makes email processing automatically. Extract data from email
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14 May 2013

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It often becomes difficult to manage received documents, reports, and extract data from emails, manually. But, you can make these tasks easier if you take up the assistance of an effective utility. Well, if you’re yet to find a proficient tool then you must try the Advanced Email Parser Server. It’s a multifunctional and handy tool that supports you in email messages processing. Using the program you can effectively parse data, process it, and finally transfer data to databases or different applications automatically. It saves a lot of time, while facilitating you to manage received documents, generate reports, extract field data, and save them directly into database, without requiring efforts from you. With the supported smart auto responders that are based upon the calendar activity informs your partners about the email you received from them. In addition, it supports automatic creation of tasks, appointments, and even SMS notifications.

The Advanced Email Parser Server can accept raw data such as a text file, email, current date, data retrieved from applications, etc, but puts receiving email as initial step for data analysis. The main tabs over the interface are Accounts, Constructor, and Logs. With ‘Accounts’ tab lets you define different sources for retrieving and processing messages, like Unix mailbox, Gmail inbox, Hotmail inbox, MS Outlook, MS Exchange (support), Simple MAPI inbox folder, Qualcom Eudora Folder, Microsoft Windows Mail folder, etc. It features Collector’s Mode and POP3/SMTP Server mode, together these support processing email reports, bounce-back notifications, forming auto-respond emails, sorting and redirecting incoming mail, protecting from spam, managing attachments, controlling public mailbox , collecting email from different sources and forwarding mailbox/group, automating email campaigns, and even more. Further, using the Constructor and Rule Editor you can edit Rule List by configuring Filters, Parsers, Processors, Script Components, External Components, Actors, Conditions, Iterators, and Modifiers. Along with these, the utility comprises of various other functions to help you.

Advanced Email Parser Server software supports parsing and managing data from emails, along with performing different supported tasks. The utility for its proficient functioning and incredible set of features is given 4 rating points.

Publisher's description

Advanced Email Parser - multifunctional and handy system for email messages processing.
Advanced Email Parser makes email processing more effective, as it enables you to parse data, process and transfer it to databases or other applications automatically.
Advanced Email Parser will save the lot of your time, managing received documents, generating reports, extracting field data from emails and saving them direct to your database without your assistance.
Advanced Email Parser totally excludes human factor. It is impossible to make such a mistake as putting a file into the incorrect server directory or misprinting in the database field.
Using smart auto responders based on calendar activity inform your partners that you do not miss emails from them. Advanced Email Parser can create appointments, tasks, and SMS notifications automatically.
Advanced Email Parser Server
Advanced Email Parser Server
Version 2.10
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